School Edit allows you to take control of your School website.  Giving you the control to update, upload, add additional UNLIMITED PAGES and amend your website when needed.  Giving you a website that is current and up to date with your latest news, events, community projects, or simply the latest timetables and term dates.

If you have an exisiting website and are simply looking to refresh its layout, design and bring it into the 21st century with better functionality and features then School Edit gives you the opportunity to do this.  You can simply copy and paste existing text (if required) into new designs.  Its as simple as that!  Alternatively, if you do not have the time then we can help with the initial set up of your website as part of our website creation package.

Cost Efficient

School Edit is great value for money with one low monthly fee and no hidden extras. Many design companies will charge a large fee to setup and develop a website but with School Edit there are not setup fees.

Free Technical Support

You may have doubts about how to create your  website, but don’t worry with every School Edit website comes free unlimited technical support. Whilst School Edit is very easy to use, if you ever have any questions you can call us and speak to one of our UK based support staff.
See how your school can benefit by using any of the ready to use features:

Global Office
The power behind School Edit - every part of your website is updated using this web-based software

Unlimited Webpages
With School Edit you have unlimited amount of pages

Web Page Editor
An Editor similar to Microsoft Word is used for creating your web pages

Online Forms
Capture information from visitors to your website using a School Edit Form

Photo Manager
Do you have photos to place on your website? The photo manager is a great way to share photos

The attractive looking calendar can be used to communicate the events happening within your organisation

Add audio to your website if required