Refer a Friend

We’re sure you’re absolutely loving your website, and we’re also sure others would love to be able to build their own website using our powerful yet simple tools. 

Perhaps the only thing that could make your website better still is if it was cheaper… right?

Well, with our referral scheme you really can have your cake and eat it! When you refer your friends to School Edit, we offer a cascading discount.



As this image shows, when you refer to a friend or another school, and they sign up to School Edit or any of our other products for business, churches or charities you will receive 10% off of your annual website costs. If your friend then refers to one of their friends, you will receive a further 5%. They then refer to one of their friends, you receive a further 2.5% off, on top of the other 15% percent. So you can receive up to 17.5% off of the annual cost of your website. You can of course start this chain off again with another friend, and receive even more discount! It could even get to the point where we’re paying you for your website! 




All you need to do is provide your unique referral code, which you’ll find in your Global Office. Our clever system will do all the technical bits! 

You can find your Unique referral code within your Global Office, and your friends will be able to add this code when they sign up to School Edit.



Terms of the Edit Referral Scheme:

To receive a discount you and any organisations that have been referred must have an active direct debit.  The discount will be applied in the billing period one month after your referral has paid their subscription. The referral discount is for our website subscriptions only. Referral discounts will be applied to your ongoing Edit subscription. Edit Websites Ltd has the right to change the referral scheme at any time.  There is no limit to the number of organisations that you refer.


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