Our Bumper Update

First published on: 19th January 2022

This update is the result of 18 months of work and we are rolling this release out to Schools over January.

Design Builder 

This is the biggest update to ever have been developed since we started Edit back in December 2002. 

We started the detailed planning of the design builder back in May 2020, with development starting in January 2021.  We've been working pretty much solidly on the design builder developments all through 2021. We are now super excited to release this so that you can benefit from creating a completely fresh new website.

There is no extra cost or increase in subscription - all School Edit sites will get this update free of charge.

Here are some of the features of the new School Edit Design Builder.

Fully responsive

Create your website and it will automatically be responsive for the different screen sizes (no need for separate content for mobile/ desktop homepages).  You can also choose to hide certain widgets from showing on tablet or mobile devices.

Use Widgets on any page

Widgets can now be added to any of your pages. Do you want to show a listing of upcoming events on any of your pages? Now you can.

Lots of Widgets to choose from

These are the widgets we currently have (with more to come soon):

calendar - show upcoming events

rotator - add rotating graphics, set publish and expiry dates for each image 

latest articles - show a listing of the latest articles

poll - create a question and up to 4 answers and let people vote

daily message - create a message for each day and School Edit will show the relevant one for each day

social media links - add links to your social media pages

Facebook - embed your School facebook page

Twitter - embed your School twitter page

Instagram - embed an instagram post

video - embed YouTube and Vimeo videos to your site (no HTML needed)

podcasts - your latest sermons added to any page

search - add a search widget to any page

text/ images - add text and images anywhere within your design.


To get started on creating a new design for your site go to the new Design Builder option in Global Office. If you don't see this then your site has not been upgraded to the Design Builder - it is coming soon.  If you would like to request earlier access then contact the helpdesk by clicking on help within Global Office and filling in a support ticket. 

Headers/ Footer

As you create different layouts for your pages, we know that often the top or bottom part of your pages tend to stay the same, so we have made it easy to share a header or footer across multiple pages. 

Background Images or Videos

You can now add a video or image to appear behind the main content of the page. 

New Web Editor

We've updated the School Edit editor to the latest version. Features include:

image resize directly in the editor - no need to edit the image and manually set a width, height as you can now click the image and drag to resize

Add captions to your images

insert videos/ maps using the new Insert Media button

Restricting Styles in the New Editor

For sites that have a number of content editors we've added the ability to restrict the styling that content editors can apply to their pages. Whilst it means no more Comic Sans text on a red background, it does mean that pages can conform to the styles defined by the site. If you want to restrict the styles shown then administrators can go to Settings > Site Options and restrict the styling so that only the Paragraph/Headings are shown but fonts, font colours, background colours are hidden

Extensible Database (XDB) 

The Extensible Database is a way to create an area of your site where there is a lot of similar types of records. 

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