Benefits of Rotating Graphics

First published on: 9th June 2017

If you are looking to improve the visual impact of your school website and want to gain interest into key messages you wish to communicate to your audiences, then Rotating Graphics with key messages on your website are an ideal feature to include.

Images invoke emotion and doing it right is important - consider how you want your audience to feel and what action you would like them to take when they see the images on your website.



Within School Edit you can include the rotating graphic feature into your homepage layout - it can be full width of your website or scaled down to one or two columns.   You can then update and change the images very easily as and when you want.   You can also set each image to click through to other areas of your website i.e. the donate page, volunteering application form…

there are so many opportunities and messages you can use this graphics feature for.


  • Keep your messages fresh and up to date.
  • Link them through to other information areas of your website.
  • Keep spurring visitors on with images and messages to provoke action.
  • Renew images regularly so website visitors don’t get accustomed to the images.
  • Include it in your communications strategy - utilise it!
  • Only have 3 or 4 images listed at any one time.
  • Create some generic messages which can be put on a rota every couple of months.
  • Make your images relevant to the church's events or needs.
  • Use good quality images.
  • Plan your images into a schedule.

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