Sharing Ownership of your School Website

The most difficult part of maintaining a school website, is writing the text for the different web pages and then keeping this up to date.  However, once the content has been written then it is quite easy to paste this into School Edit to create your website.

The responsibility for a school website can often fall to just one person to not only update the site, but also write the content as well.  By doing it this way  it means that one person has to know all about the different activities in the school. Maybe it is you that is experiencing this for your school!

At School Edit we recommend that different staff in the school take responsibility for various parts of the website and take ‘ownership’ of their section. This means for example that the Board of Governors will ‘own’ the Board of Governers School page and take responsibility of entering any minutes or meeting details you require to be entered into the School website. Another example is the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) - again they could take "ownership" of the PTA page in the School Website. This can be done very easily in School Edit   as you have the opportunity to add additional authors and set their permission rights to access the certain sections of the school website, detailing which areas they can access and edit, and also ensuring any copy is not published until authorised and approved by the Master Editor. 

By encouraging ownership of the different areas of the school website you will be sharing responsibility of keeping the school website up to date and prevent it from becoming out-dated or lapsing behind.

Why not write a list today of the different pages in your school website and assign them to who could be responsible for ensuring that they contain relevant and up to date information.