Promoting Your School Website Check List

image of www.Getting visitors to your school website isn’t difficult, but they need to know how to find your site if they do wish to visit.  We have provided you with a quick check list to ensure that you have listed your website address effectively...

If you have recently changed your website address then why not check that all your documents have the correct website address on them.

We recommend that you have your school website address listed on:


If you have letterheads with your School Logo on but without the address details printed on, then why not create a document template to automatically include your school address, contact details and website address - this is a cost effective way of producing letterheads - should your details change then you only have to change the template, instead of purchasing a reprint of letterheads.

School News letters

Again generate a template that includes your School details, address, contact details and website address at the bottom of the letter - you could even use the footer option to type these details.

If you have further details relating to the sections of news i.e. holiday dates - remind parents that the details are also on the school website and again print your website address in the newsletter.

In each newsletter - remind pupils/parent/guardians that newsletters are posted onto your website should they need back copies.  

If you are reporting in the newsletter that new policies have come into force then remind parents that copies can be downloaded from your website.

If you have added photos into your photo album on your website - promote it in the newsletter - remind parents to take a look.

For Events

For events being held and promoted in the newsletter - put “see our website for more details” and then create the event in the event calendar and link a webpage that gives further information.

School Reply Forms

If you are still handing out and using hard copies of forms then create a document template to use when creating the form.  Include your School details, address, contact details and website address at the bottom of the form. 

You might also want to give parents/guardians the option to complete the form on line - direct them to the page of your website i.e. - this could assist in receiving replies a lot quicker.

You can create this form on your School Edit website and once it is completed by the Parent/Guardian it could be submitted directly to the person responsible for collating this specific form.

School Notice Boards

Internal and external boards.  What about the School Sign outside the front of the school!

Dry Wipe Notice Boards

Why not use Permanent Pen for your website address at the top or bottom of each notice board.


With most email systems you can create a signature.  A signature in an email system is what they call the signing off of the email and in this section you can put anything you like but the standard details are:

Your Name
Your Position
School Name
Direct Tel /Telephone
School Website Address

You could set this up for every staff member to have the exact same branding i.e. font style, colour of text, size of text, same list of information, website address.

You could also link the website address to your website so when somebody clicks on the website address in your email it takes them to your website.

School Prospectus

Whether you are using a hard copy or digital copy, have your website address printed on the back cover of your prospectus.

School Handbook

If you have a school handbook then load it up to your website and make it available for parents/guardians to download - and again makes sure it has all your school contact details and website address on the back cover.

School Policies

If you use hard copies or digital then ensure that the School Address, Contact Details and Website Address are printed on the policies.  Again these details could be printed in the document footer or simply printed on the last page.