Photos on your website

Group of thumbnail images as a sampleA great way to show your photos is to create a thumbnail of each photo (see example on the left) and display all these on one page so that visitors can select which photo they want to view in more detail. Creating photo albums in this way is easy with software like School Edit and ideal if you have a number of different photos to put on your website.

One thing that is important when putting photos on a website which can be accessed by anyone is to make sure that the people in the photo are happy to have their photo online. This is obviously especially important with photos of children and vunerable adults.

Always get permission - if you have taken a photo of people who are identifiable then make sure they are happy to have the photo online.
If you are taking photos of an event then you may want to publicise beforehand that photos will be taken, or mention as you take photos, that these may be placed online or in local publications (if using them for press articles). This will allow you to make sure that no photos of people are put online, or in the public eye, of reluctant participants.
Reduce the size of the photos before you upload them to your website. Free software such as Canva can can enable you to do this.  See our tutorial for using Canva to crop or resize your images

  • Include a title and if applicable a description of the photo.
  • Children – it is really important that any photos of children have the permission of their parents or guardian and depending on the age you should also check with the child. 
  • Avoid putting the specific details of children on your website such as name, or contact information. 
  • Avoid giving a photo filename the same name as the children (ie joe_peters.jpg).
  • If anyone objects to a photo of themselves online then as web-editor you must remove it immediately. 
  • Make sure that any photos you use that are not taken by you or your organisation, do not have copyright restrictions on them. 

You could make photos available only to members so that they are not available to the general public.