Email Addresses

Spam imageWhilst the internet has brought many benefits to civilisation and education it also has many negative issues. One of which is Spam.

If you put an email address online then chances are that email address will be picked up by automatic spam programmes that scan websites looking for email addresses.

Once a spam programme has this email address, it will add this to its database so that the email recipient gets all sorts of unwanted and innappropriate emails.

To protect from spamming there are some ways in which you can stop your email address from being picked up by spam programmes:

  • encrypt the email address (software such as School Edit will replace the email address with code so that whilst the email link will still work for users clicking on the link, it will not be understood by Spam programmes)
  • don't show the whole email address but replace part of the email with a space or symbol 
    (ie office @        )
  • rather than putting the email as text you could use an image email envelopand link the email address to the image
  • use a form for people to contact you