Adding a video using You Tube

Youtube logoThis guide does not cover video editing as there are many different software packages to do this, but rather it will show how to add a video to YouTube.

1) To add your video using YouTube you will first need to create a free YouTube account by going to YouTube and clicking on ‘Sign Up’ at the top right of the screen.

Youtube sign up screen shot

2) Enter your details to create your YouTube account

Youtube sign up details screen shot

3) Once you have entered your information you should receive an email to confirm your account and email address. This will contain a link back to YouTube which you must click on to complete the process.

4) Your account has now been created so you can now add a video to YouTube. To do this click on the ‘Upload’ button at the top of the page.
You can either

  • upload a video you already have created
  • record straight from a web camera

Select the required option and then upload/record the video and then proceed to the next step.
In the Privacy settings you will need to select ‘Share your video with the world’.

Adding the video to your web page

5) Now that your video has been added to YouTube you will be able to see it by going to ‘My Videos’ under your ‘Account’. Click the video that you want to add on to your website and you will see the normal YouTube page with the video player.

Underneath the video you will see an option called SHARE. Once you click on this you will see the EMBED button. Click on this.

screen shot on how to share your youtube video

The Embed option contains the HTML code which is needed to place the video onto your website.

If you want to customise the video such as the colour scheme or the size of the player then click on the image to the right of the Embed box and make your changes.

6) Highlight the code in the Embed box and copy this and then place the code within your web page.

7) Adding the code to a School Edit website

If you use School Edit as your website provider then you should add the code to the Web Editor:
Go to the page you want your video to be seen on, then go to edit that page. In the edit mode click on SOURCE (at the top left of the editor) and then paste the YouTube code here.

Click SOURCE again and you should see your video in the page.