14 Good Reasons to Use Twitter

14 Good reasons to use Twitter for your school website

Twitter is a great broadcasting media tool and it allows for instant and global communications.  Having a twitter feed on your school website can be a very useful tool and here are some suggestions as to what you might use it for:

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  1. Promote the schools sports team results, netball, football, cricket, swimming etc..
  2. Increase attendance at events with promotion and links to your school website on event details and booking forms
  3. Broadcast great Ofsted results with a link to your results on your website
  4. Welcome new pupils, teachers, members of staff joining the school
  5. Promote school clubs and any vacancies available
  6. Help generate an income with promotion of breakfast and afterschool clubs
  7. Congratulate pupils on key achievements, reader of week, sportsperson of the week, etc.
  8. Promote fundraising events and drum up more funds
  9. Keep people informed of fundraising efforts and how their support is helping
  10. Give people feedback of events that have happened
  11. Announce new policies in place with a link to the policy on your website i.e. Uniform policy, changes to curriculum
  12. Promote news from School Council
  13. Remind people to collect school vouchers/report success or achievement
  14. Promote any news coverage of the school – mentions in local papers, publications etc..

Having regular updates and communications on your school website shows your school is  proactively communicating with your stakeholders; pupils, parents/guardians, PTFA, School Council, local community etc.. 

It’s a great way to keep people informed.

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