Holly Hill Methodist CofE Infant School

Image of Holly Hill Methodist CofE Infant School website - click to view their websiteOur new School Edit website has given us the opportunity to give a much better reflection of our school of where it is now to all the community - our children, parents, governors, future parents and Ofsted!

We are now proud of our new School Edit website, to publicise it rather than be embarrassed by it! Our old website was old and had a clunky design.   The requirements and resources we required from a website had grown in comparison to what could be achieved with the old website.

School Edit have provided us with a nice balanced website, it comes with a professional friendly design but also a simple content management software package that is really easy to use.  Allowing the school and the team to grow the website and add to it very easily.

There are lots of features we like, such as the breaking news bar, calendar, internal search, locate us and the scrolling photos which are all very good to help our communications.

We also like the fact that we can tailor the website very easily to remove bits as we change our minds and as the guidance from Ofsted grows and grows!

The designers have been very patient with us and accommodated our changes with good communication.  The training and support from School Edit have been really empowering as we know we can continue to grow and adapt our website,  and it is so re-assuring to know that there is ongoing support at the end of the phone.

We would recommend School Edit as it is reasonably price, with a quick service,  a professional design, the flexibility of design and use, with ongoing support and the ability to keep adding to our school website.

Catherine Smith
Holly Hill Methodist CofE Infant School   -   Birmingham