Updating web pages

Updating your School Website is not limited to one person or one machine. Thanks to School Edit's powerful Global Office you will be able to update your website when you need to.

Built into School Edit is a powerful content management system allowing different people to update and manage different areas of the site. This means that updating the site does not rely on one person but that approved staff will have access to update the site.

Approval System
There is a built in approval system so you can give access to staff/students to update the site but any changes are approved before the page is published.

Audit History
Every page has an audit history so any mistakes made can be undone by reverting to a previous version of the page

Auto Expiry
Every page can have an auto expiry which will remove it from the public website once the expiry date has been reached. You will still be able to access it in Global Office and either edit/publish or delete it.

Draft Pages
You can create a page but not publish it straight away using School Edit.