School Members

One of the main features of School Edit Pro is that every member of the School has their own unique username and password to access the member features of the school website.

This will allow your school website to become a busy site where members interact with each on a regular basis.

Once a member has signed into the school website they will be able to access the member features such as :

  • Forums
  • Groups
  • Member web pages (these are webpages which are hidden from non-members)
  • Personal inbox
  • Messaging System

Every School Edit Pro site has its own messaging system allowing school members to send web-based messages to each other. School members will automatically have their own inbox to store messages. The system is very easy to use and is a handy way to communicate with other members and groups of people (this could be used for several different groups; Teachers, PTA, Governors, Admin, Class Assistants, Volunteers, Maintenance Team,  the list is endless and is specific to your requirements. 

The address book allows members to select who the message is for which can be an individual or to a whole group.


Every school member has their own profile which is only accessible to other registered school members. School members can update their own profile providing more information on themselves and even upload their own photo. This is a great way to get to know other members in the School.